Around The World, Liverpool



On 4th August 2016, we paid a visit to Around the World, part of the Bierkeller complex in Liverpool One, I personally have never been for a night out in the Bierkeller and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they have a menu, I was expecting yourtraditional run of the mill quite honestly, boring pub food –  I was pleasantly surprised at how wrong I was.

We arrived at the venue, and were greeted by a warm and friendly staff member, who seemed genuinely pleased to make our acquaintance, we were shown to our table and were left for a few moments to browse the drinks menu, I was quite surprised to see Around the World had a selected cocktails at 2 4 1 I also  noticed the other offers that they did in Around the world included: half price food on Mondays– If we were impressed by today, we would definitely be coming back for more at half price – Double for your money – how can you complain ?

After deciding what we wanted to drink ( we were boring and settled for a glass of coke each)  the very lovely server came over and took our order, after much umming and arring (Those who know me know I am so indecisive when it comes to food) we settled on having Burgers: we went for the Cheese and bacon Burgers, by now I could smell the food cooking and was eager to try what seemed to be mouth-watering food, eyeing up the other diners food, I could not wait, the food seemed to be mouth-watering and looked like it was oozing with taste,  I could tell by the look of the other Diners in the reasonably busy bar they were in food heaven!
Whist waiting I took time to look at the interior décor in around the word and the Bierkeller as a whole, Around the Word in particular had a very warm and welcoming feel, the glass sliding doors complimented the Layout perfectly, an open plan kitchen and bar area added to the authenticity of the venue with neutral grey colours proves that the venue could cater for all ages, from families to nights out, there was ample background noise from music playing, this was just right, there was no noise from the other bars also contained in the Bierkeller, that’s not to say that no one was in the venue, but this is a credit to the layout and the ability to cater to all different tastes

Finally after what seemed like an eternity (More like 15 minutes) our food arrived, I could smell the food, (I am pleased to say the Cover photo for our Blog is the actual burger in question)
The burger was stacked tall with fillings, not to much salad, and not to much sauce either, the bacon was cooked to a standard that was just excellent, there was no fat on the bacon at all, that just complimented the high quality of the food that we had been served
After pouring Vinegar on the chips, I could hear them sizzling away, this again, compliments the fact that the food was freshly prepared, none of this kept warm rubbish,

We were barely talking whilst eating, just savouring every moment of the delicious burger, the Mince used was of a fine quality and was cooked just right and this was for me, The pièce de résistance.

After finishing the Bacon and cheese burger, we were both left feeling very full, and just in awe at the amazing quality of the food, one thing that we feel is a credit to Around the Word is that we were not ushered out and away, like some places do more left to socialise and finish our drinks,
I noticed around the place that Around the world had some great offers on such as £4 pizza (Yes £4 pizza!) upon leaving we were thanked for coming, I felt that it should have been the other way around as we were treated like absolute royalty,

All in all, Around the world is an excellent venue situated right in the Heart of Liverpool one (If you don’t already know) one thing is for sure, we will definatley be returning to this special place!

Around the Word can be found in Twitter @LVPL_ATW or their website is for booking enquiries phone: 08455 333 000, Keep an eye out on their Twitter Page for their latest offers, and also keep an eye out on A Blogs Life, as we will keep you posted with all the offers that Around the World.