Death Row Diner

It’s been a while since I last did a post due to personal circumstances but I’m BACK! And guess where I got invited to last week…..Death Row Diner on hope street, Liverpool. I have heard so many positive things about this place since it’s been open so it was a pleasure to have been asked. We got there and it was in a basement under 32 hope street and had a massive load of stirs to get down first, it was a good feeling though because I didn’t know what to expect when I got to the bottom. It was all low red lighting and long brown benches and tables. This is deffo what I would expect if I was on Death row.

We had a lovely male waiter that took us to our table and explained the menu to us, It was really simple to understand actually (this is always a bonus).  Instead of getting a starter and then a main we decided to go all in and just have it all at once. I feel like it’s always better to be able to have a pick at different stuff! So I ordered the maple popcorn chicken, smoke me burger (the burger comes on its own FYI) and coconut curry fries! Ian decided to have the maple bacon onion rings, double bacon cheese burger and the chicken gravy fries.

We didn’t have a long wait before the food came over in little silver takeaway cartons, there was such a vast amount of armorers it was hard to decide what to eat first. It hard to put into words exactly how delicious the food was I think my fave’s where the Maple popcorn chicken and the coconut curry fries. The sweet and the savoury mix of flavours just carried themselves so well together.  If you was on death row then this would definitely be the most amazing food to consume before you met your end.

I literally can’t praise the staff enough either, nothing was too much trouble and there was always someone on hand if you had any questions regarding any of the food or drink.

If you Go on a Thursday then DRD are giving its lovely customers a free dessert on them as a thankyou! I’d have to recommend the diam bar cheesecake it ticked all my dessert boxes. Not going to Lie I did have to take it home to eat as I was so full from all the amazing food.


Death Row Diner is Deffo one of my top 3 faves!


Till Next Time

Hollie x