Santa Maluco Launch

Santa Maluco Launch Night -13th July 2016

Located in the shadow of the Town Hall, Santa Maluco sits in an ideal location, from the outside Santa Maluco appears to not offer much, however, inside a Whole different experience awaits.
With a modern quirky feel about the place, with its carefully chosen décor and intimate feel, you can certainly feel the atmosphere, in The bar area, quirky designed tables are aplenty for people to socialise and chat, and with window bays with seats and cushions and dim lighting to offer that certain intimate touch it certainly offers that homely feel the graffiti style walls also adds to the unique feel of the place, .
Having already seen several pizzas served, I had highs expectations, the food looked absolutely divine, and I was not wrong, the Duck pizza I had was simply mouth-watering, you can tell these pizzas have been made with affection and enthusiasm, I was simply in food heaven, I have to say (so far) this was the best pizza I have ever tasted, it wasn’t to greasy, and it wasn’t too under cooked it was just right, Sadly I never got to try the desert pizza, but wow, they looked lovely, it was evident to see the craftsmanship that has gone into making these pizza’s and they were not disappointing.

One thing I simply had to try was the Legendary cocktails, it was suggested to try the world famous $5 shake cocktail, after seeing them being served during the night to various people, I had to try one, I admit, I did have mu initial reservations about trying cream and vodka together, BUT how wrong I was, this cleverly mixed combination tingled all the taste buds, served in an authentic milk bottle (Yes milk bottle) topped with whipped cream, this cocktail was by far in my list of top cocktails that I have ever had, and I have to say this went down a little to nicely after having this cocktail, I am sure I will be back on many more occasions to slowly drink my way through the Cocktail menu next on the list: Bubble-gum  Sour

The staff in Santa Maluco are an absolute credit to the business, the bar tenders, offer suggestions on what would be the best drink to try and the servers offer you guidance on what would be the best to eat, I didn’t understand what the little wheel was for but that again adds to the uniqueness of the venue.

Overall Santa Maluco is going to be one venue to definitely keep any eye on, set right in the heart of the business district, this venue is sure to be a hit with both office workers and those looking for a unique dining experience, opening from 12 – 12 each day, this place will be ideal if you fancy a light bite for lunch, or a full blown evening meal, one thing is for sure, Santa Maluco will not disappoint.



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