Lai’s, Pineapples and tikki Huts-the tales of Aloha!

Aloha and welcome to another post, this time from and land far away- also known as Aloha
Liverpool. I recently got invited to help celebrate Alohas 8th birthday and what a jam packed evening it was. Put it this way I ended up a drunken mess falling asleep on the bus back home, and face planting my bed when I got in. I’m 100% not at fault for this and the blame falls firmly on the cocktail master class I took part in. Before I go any further huge thankyou to Paul Knowles for the invite once again I went home legless…this is standard for one of Pauls events. (If you get invited go you won’t be disappointed).


Anyway back to the master class it started so well, we were all enjoying a civilised cocktail talking
about things that need not repeating on here. And as soon as we stepped foot into Aloha we was
greeted with lai’s and shots of rum, this place knows the way to my heart. Danny gave us a bit of
history about the Tikki bars and how and why they originated. As somewhat of a rum connoisseur it was excellent to hear its back story.  Now was time for the the fun we got split into 2 teams and we went head to head in an all out battle of the cocktails, we was shown how to make a cocktail and then we each had to take it in turns to make the cocktail, first team to complete a drink each won the round. The best thing about doing a masterclass you get to drink your creations and for £30 per person you cant complain.

one things for sure,you walk in sober and leave legless as I found out when I went  to work the next day, my head did not thank drunk Hollie for her actions. If it wasn’t for my work pal and all round angel heather buying me a large coffee I don’t think I would have lasted the day.

I regret nothing…

Till next time x