Liverpool Loves Festival

So I was at a bit of a loose end on the 6th of august, I had a free Saturday with nothing planned and the sun was shining, I had a look at a few things to do but decided on going to the Liverpool loves festival on the Liverpool pier. What a fantastic choice I made the atmosphere was electric! Everywhere I looked there was something to do, there was 5 stages of live music all different genres of music I have to say though my favorite stage was the igloo with their funky disco music it was full of so many different age groups all there to have a good time. I went outside for some air once I had finished having a dance and to check out some of the stalls and workshops they had, my first port of call was the gin bar I spotted I’ve never seen so many different types of gin before and they weren’t bad for price either, next up was the sky swing I’ve been meaning to go on that since it arrived in Liverpool however after looking up at the people on it I changed my mind I don’t think alcohol and heights would mix very well.  Next I spotted a glitter stall there was some beautiful designs done by the girls in the marquee some lad even had his whole beard covered in green glitter!

A bit further up from the glitter marquee was a circus skills workshop for the kids which is a fantastic idea it makes it enjoyable for all the family the kids looked like they were having so much fun spinning plates and doing a bit of Ariel hoop, I carried on walking down towards the entrance there was so many food huts along the way and they all smelt so good and looked absolutely incredible.

All in all, Liverpool loves was a fun packed day with masses of variety and all for FREE where such a lucky City!

Till Next time

Hollie x