one tequila, two tequila, 3 tequila, floor!

Okay so this is going to be a lengthy Read… I hope you’re prepared, get a drink, sit down and most of all get comfy. I don’t know where to start with this but here goes, so on Saturday me and Heather from work decided to take a trip to Ormskirk for a very random night out. We started where any good food blogger would and went for food at Miyagis. If you have never heard of it before it is a pan-Asian restaurant that serves small plates, us being such big foodies got over excited and ordered 3 plates each, (apparently this is pretty standard) in the world of small plates.

After what seemed hours of vigorously scanning the menu deciding what to actually order to eat, our choices where locked in when the waitress came to take our order, I went with chicken katsu, grilled halloumi and orange Bao bun and last but not least chicken ramen.  While we was waiting for the food to arrive we got stuck into some cocktails I got GHETTO GEISHA which was made up of Pineapple, coconut water, lychee, Havana 3 year Rum & Coconut rum. It was beautifully presented with delicate little flowers on top; this is one of them drinks that can get you from sober to tipsy in about 10 mins.  Food came at just the right time I was starting to get the tipsy munchies and was about ready to eat everything in sight, but I restrained and kept to my 3 plates. Out of the 3 dishes I ate the chicken Katsu was up on a pedestal, this was the Holy Grail of chicken and now I’ve talked about it I’m about ready to get on the train for more.  I have to put a warning on the chicken ramen…don’t get it if you’re on a first date that stuff is messy as hell and I spent half the night dabbing my chin much to heathers amusement.

So the plan of action for the rest of the evening was to have a little bar crawl round Ormskirk and see what the place had to offer, we had no plan apart from see where we end up before we had to get the last train home. First on the agenda was a lovely wine bar which was next door to Alpine, the original plan was to go to Alpine after food but no one was in there apart from the bar staff, we didn’t want to be them people that are first at the bar as soon as the doors opened. So the wine bar it was… I ordered a zombie my most favourite cocktail; it gets you drunk so quick. We was there for a good time not a long time so it was operation  neck drinks, this of course was after messing round with Snapchat filters making ourselves laugh to the point of jaw ache. We ended up at another bar but we was literally in and out of that place karaoke was on…need I say more!  We ended up asking a local where was good to go being the tourists that we were and we got pointed to Lyme Tiger I LOVED it in there the back bar art was amazing all Ron burgundy murals’ and themed cocktails, I went with mad dog as it was another rum based drink, my fave. The music was really good in there too and it was so busy with a mixture of ages enjoying their night.  Unfortunately it was time to head for the train so we took a brisk walk back to the station to head home like planned. The train journey back was an experience to say the least the male equivalent of the Barden bella’s where harmonising on the train and one half of me wanted to start a riff off for the banter.  I feel like they would have taken it too seriously.

We got off the train at Liverpool central and decided to go and make bad life choices at bar Cava, a few tequilas later we was in pop world having the time of our lives dancing to the cheesiest of cheesy music and making friends with the random’s of the world, including a man that kept showing me his tiny tattoo that was less than impressive.

Safe to say we had a blast!

Till the next Time x