Hello me again, this time with a post all about my favorite cuisine…Italianoo! Just need to give a massive thankyou to pink media for putting on another great bloggers evening at Trattoria51, and a not so big thankyou to my taste buds for betraying me and forming hatred with meat.  I hope that this isn’t a long term thing and it’s just the latest fad.

Dining out has changed massively for me and I now spend longer perusing menu’s looking for vegetarian options, and lest time actually eating. it’s good that eateries are now catering for us plant eaters it’s a breath of fresh air knowing that someone has our backs, we salute you.  One of these secret Hero’s is none other than Trattoria 51; they cater for vegetarians and gluten intolerant folk too.

We got sent the menu before the event so they could have it prepared for us and there was no mix up with orders, I went to my go starter of a stuffed pepper- I’ve never had one like that before it basically fell apart as I put my fork in. I basically inhaled it in once swift breath it was that good.  Next up to the plate was the vegetarian pizza loaded with so much cheese it was basically a cheese pizza, I personally think this is how all pizzas should be. I mean who doesn’t love cheese? I have a confession though- I couldn’t eat all of it I was well and truly stuffed to the brim.

We had chance to have a chat amongst ourselves between courses and it was nice to get to know some of the other bloggers, some of them I had not met before and some where familiar faces that I had met other events.

After what seemed the longest wait of my 26 year existence (slight exaggeration) pudding finally arrived, it was a drool worthy chocolate brownie with vanilla Ice cream, if you love chocolate this is on my recommendation list.  I didn’t even get chance to take a photo it was scoffed that quick, was like the much loved film gone in 60 seconds! It was a perfect end to the evening.

If you haven’t visited trattoria51 make sure you go, you’re going to wish you had been sooner.

Till next time, Hollie x