Mr Fezzwig’s Gin Garden

Liverpool’s new city centre gin garden celebrated its opening weekend with a Light Night preview and Royal Gin Garden Party. And I was lucky enough to get an invite.

Fezziwig’s Gin Yard kept the gin cocktails flowing in the sunshine and intimate courtyard.

The walled courtyard of Furnival’s Well in the old Bridewell has been transformed and named in honour of Charles Dickens’ party-loving Christmas Carol character Mr Fezziwig. Dickens researched his novel The Uncommercial Traveller at the Campbell Square jail, so owners Gracious Development Company were keen to pay tribute with their latest venue.

Fezziwig’s Gin Yard has been created in partnership with Bombay Sapphire (my second fave Gin) and stocks a hand-picked selection of gins, combining familiar favorite brands with more unusual small batch producers. Gardeners have given the courtyard a lush green theme, with a living wall installed on one side and a wall of growing gin-related herbs on another. It’s all designed to add to the overall gin lovers’ experience, making it more than just a place for a quick G&T.

General manager Nick Romano says the launch gave Fezziwig’s a chance to share its new look and its bespoke gin cocktail menu with guests.

I will deffinatley be coming and spending my summer here, sunshine and gin what else could a girl wish for.

Till Next Time! x

one tequila, two tequila, 3 tequila, floor!

Okay so this is going to be a lengthy Read… I hope you’re prepared, get a drink, sit down and most of all get comfy. I don’t know where to start with this but here goes, so on Saturday me and Heather from work decided to take a trip to Ormskirk for a very random night out. We started where any good food blogger would and went for food at Miyagis. If you have never heard of it before it is a pan-Asian restaurant that serves small plates, us being such big foodies got over excited and ordered 3 plates each, (apparently this is pretty standard) in the world of small plates.

After what seemed hours of vigorously scanning the menu deciding what to actually order to eat, our choices where locked in when the waitress came to take our order, I went with chicken katsu, grilled halloumi and orange Bao bun and last but not least chicken ramen.  While we was waiting for the food to arrive we got stuck into some cocktails I got GHETTO GEISHA which was made up of Pineapple, coconut water, lychee, Havana 3 year Rum & Coconut rum. It was beautifully presented with delicate little flowers on top; this is one of them drinks that can get you from sober to tipsy in about 10 mins.  Food came at just the right time I was starting to get the tipsy munchies and was about ready to eat everything in sight, but I restrained and kept to my 3 plates. Out of the 3 dishes I ate the chicken Katsu was up on a pedestal, this was the Holy Grail of chicken and now I’ve talked about it I’m about ready to get on the train for more.  I have to put a warning on the chicken ramen…don’t get it if you’re on a first date that stuff is messy as hell and I spent half the night dabbing my chin much to heathers amusement.

So the plan of action for the rest of the evening was to have a little bar crawl round Ormskirk and see what the place had to offer, we had no plan apart from see where we end up before we had to get the last train home. First on the agenda was a lovely wine bar which was next door to Alpine, the original plan was to go to Alpine after food but no one was in there apart from the bar staff, we didn’t want to be them people that are first at the bar as soon as the doors opened. So the wine bar it was… I ordered a zombie my most favourite cocktail; it gets you drunk so quick. We was there for a good time not a long time so it was operation  neck drinks, this of course was after messing round with Snapchat filters making ourselves laugh to the point of jaw ache. We ended up at another bar but we was literally in and out of that place karaoke was on…need I say more!  We ended up asking a local where was good to go being the tourists that we were and we got pointed to Lyme Tiger I LOVED it in there the back bar art was amazing all Ron burgundy murals’ and themed cocktails, I went with mad dog as it was another rum based drink, my fave. The music was really good in there too and it was so busy with a mixture of ages enjoying their night.  Unfortunately it was time to head for the train so we took a brisk walk back to the station to head home like planned. The train journey back was an experience to say the least the male equivalent of the Barden bella’s where harmonising on the train and one half of me wanted to start a riff off for the banter.  I feel like they would have taken it too seriously.

We got off the train at Liverpool central and decided to go and make bad life choices at bar Cava, a few tequilas later we was in pop world having the time of our lives dancing to the cheesiest of cheesy music and making friends with the random’s of the world, including a man that kept showing me his tiny tattoo that was less than impressive.

Safe to say we had a blast!

Till the next Time x

Going to the bank has never been so good!

Last week we took a trip to the old Bank on James street for the nicest meal we have had in a long while. What can only be described as a Gatsby inspired Gastro pub, the lavish establishment hosts a big bright space and huge chandeliers that could give pat butcher a run for her money.

We was welcomed by a lovely member of staff and was able to pick our own table, we chose to sit upstairs so we could get a nice view of the whole restraunt, the menu was fairly straight forward to read and everything was under sections. I am a sucker for a sausage roll so I chose this as a starter and for main I decided to get the Lamb shank with seasonal vegetables.

While we was waiting for our starters to come over we was able to enjoy some live music by a young lad and his guitar, it gave a really good chilled vibe to the evening and helped us unwind after work.  The starters came over and the food was so much better than I anticipated the sausage rolls where divine the ratio of pastry and filling was just right and the brown sauce chutney that came with it accompanied it perfectly.  It wasn’t long before we finished our starters and was sipping on gin and tonics. We didn’t have long before the mains came over and you could smell them before you seen them coming, my mouth was practically drooling at this point.

The lamb shank was everything I wanted and more it just fell off the bone, it was accompanied by creamy mash and the seasonal veg that was cooked to perfection. There was so much more I wanted to try off the menu but even I couldn’t possibly squeeze any more food in. I left the old bank with a full belly and and even better impression. The old bank comes highly recommended and we will 100% be returning to try some more of the menu.

Lai’s, Pineapples and tikki Huts-the tales of Aloha!

Aloha and welcome to another post, this time from and land far away- also known as Aloha
Liverpool. I recently got invited to help celebrate Alohas 8th birthday and what a jam packed evening it was. Put it this way I ended up a drunken mess falling asleep on the bus back home, and face planting my bed when I got in. I’m 100% not at fault for this and the blame falls firmly on the cocktail master class I took part in. Before I go any further huge thankyou to Paul Knowles for the invite once again I went home legless…this is standard for one of Pauls events. (If you get invited go you won’t be disappointed).


Anyway back to the master class it started so well, we were all enjoying a civilised cocktail talking
about things that need not repeating on here. And as soon as we stepped foot into Aloha we was
greeted with lai’s and shots of rum, this place knows the way to my heart. Danny gave us a bit of
history about the Tikki bars and how and why they originated. As somewhat of a rum connoisseur it was excellent to hear its back story.  Now was time for the the fun we got split into 2 teams and we went head to head in an all out battle of the cocktails, we was shown how to make a cocktail and then we each had to take it in turns to make the cocktail, first team to complete a drink each won the round. The best thing about doing a masterclass you get to drink your creations and for £30 per person you cant complain.

one things for sure,you walk in sober and leave legless as I found out when I went  to work the next day, my head did not thank drunk Hollie for her actions. If it wasn’t for my work pal and all round angel heather buying me a large coffee I don’t think I would have lasted the day.

I regret nothing…

Till next time x



Hello me again, this time with a post all about my favorite cuisine…Italianoo! Just need to give a massive thankyou to pink media for putting on another great bloggers evening at Trattoria51, and a not so big thankyou to my taste buds for betraying me and forming hatred with meat.  I hope that this isn’t a long term thing and it’s just the latest fad.

Dining out has changed massively for me and I now spend longer perusing menu’s looking for vegetarian options, and lest time actually eating. it’s good that eateries are now catering for us plant eaters it’s a breath of fresh air knowing that someone has our backs, we salute you.  One of these secret Hero’s is none other than Trattoria 51; they cater for vegetarians and gluten intolerant folk too.

We got sent the menu before the event so they could have it prepared for us and there was no mix up with orders, I went to my go starter of a stuffed pepper- I’ve never had one like that before it basically fell apart as I put my fork in. I basically inhaled it in once swift breath it was that good.  Next up to the plate was the vegetarian pizza loaded with so much cheese it was basically a cheese pizza, I personally think this is how all pizzas should be. I mean who doesn’t love cheese? I have a confession though- I couldn’t eat all of it I was well and truly stuffed to the brim.

We had chance to have a chat amongst ourselves between courses and it was nice to get to know some of the other bloggers, some of them I had not met before and some where familiar faces that I had met other events.

After what seemed the longest wait of my 26 year existence (slight exaggeration) pudding finally arrived, it was a drool worthy chocolate brownie with vanilla Ice cream, if you love chocolate this is on my recommendation list.  I didn’t even get chance to take a photo it was scoffed that quick, was like the much loved film gone in 60 seconds! It was a perfect end to the evening.

If you haven’t visited trattoria51 make sure you go, you’re going to wish you had been sooner.

Till next time, Hollie x




Henry Yates Thompson Fundraising Dinner


Last Night we were lucky enough to be invited to the Henry Yates Thompson fundraising dinner at the Palm house in Sefton park. I have never actually been there before so was so excited to finally see it, It Didn’t Disappoint. It was Beautiful I felt like I was in a forest, with all the different sizes of palm trees and all the blossoming flowers in there, it was the perfect setting for an even More Magical Night.

This was the 3rd Successful Annual Fundraising Dinner Sponsored by the Amazing Liverpool Gin and The Brilliant Blue Air, the Night Raised A total of over £10,000 what an incredible amount to go to such a worthy cause.

We Managed to catch up with the event Organiser Mr James Devlin and he wanted to personally thank all the fantastic sponsors and all the attendees for their donations throughout the night and for making the night such a success. They wouldn’t Have been able to do it without all the different people involved. So, A massive thankyou to everyone on behalf of James.

The night Had So Many Special touches, there was A beautiful 4 course meal, Dance groups, Aerialist, stilt walkers and acrobatics and the final touch was the spectacular Firework Display that rounded off the evening perfectly.

All in all, this was brilliant evening, If you haven’t been before I would defiantly recommend attending one you won’t be disappointed.

Keep an eye out on our social media as the palm house has Loads of amazing Christmas events coming up over the festive period, watch this space.

Till Next Time

Hollie x

Dirty Dancing Live @ Baltic warehouse

Last night was AMAZING!!!! Luckily, I got invited down to the live showing of dirty dancing at the Baltic warehouse, to celebrate dirty dancing’s 30th Birthday. It was such an incredible night full of laughs happy faces and a whole lot of dancing and singing.

Me, Ian and his friend Matty got prime seats right at the front on the V.I.P table. We were really looked after the whole night we had the best seats in the house. There was a whole menu of Liverpool gin based cocktails with dirty dancing themed cocktail names. Ian was drinking “baby be good” and I had “the time of my life” (quite literally!) the film started about 10pm. The people around us on other tables seemed like they were having a fantastic night themselves, everyone was whooping and cheering every time Mr Swayze graced our screen.  The highlight of my night was when the dancing flash mob came running in during certain scenes and gave us a dancing spectacular. They were full of energy and made me want to get up and dance as well it was FAB.


Around half way through the film and a couple of drinks later we decide to get some food as we were a bit peckish. It’s a good job there was some food vendors there. We decided to get the steamed buns, I went with the Korean chicken it was so good the sauce was quite sweet and it was full of spring onions. I must say I hadn’t tried or even heard of a steam bun before but id deffo recommend them there soft and remind me of a small doughy pitta bread.

This night was all round brilliant and an excellent way to end a long working week. If you ever get chance go to one of these events, then do you won’t be disappointed!

It was a GINsational night sponsored by Liverpool gin.

Till next time

Hollie x

Death Row Diner

It’s been a while since I last did a post due to personal circumstances but I’m BACK! And guess where I got invited to last week…..Death Row Diner on hope street, Liverpool. I have heard so many positive things about this place since it’s been open so it was a pleasure to have been asked. We got there and it was in a basement under 32 hope street and had a massive load of stirs to get down first, it was a good feeling though because I didn’t know what to expect when I got to the bottom. It was all low red lighting and long brown benches and tables. This is deffo what I would expect if I was on Death row.

We had a lovely male waiter that took us to our table and explained the menu to us, It was really simple to understand actually (this is always a bonus).  Instead of getting a starter and then a main we decided to go all in and just have it all at once. I feel like it’s always better to be able to have a pick at different stuff! So I ordered the maple popcorn chicken, smoke me burger (the burger comes on its own FYI) and coconut curry fries! Ian decided to have the maple bacon onion rings, double bacon cheese burger and the chicken gravy fries.

We didn’t have a long wait before the food came over in little silver takeaway cartons, there was such a vast amount of armorers it was hard to decide what to eat first. It hard to put into words exactly how delicious the food was I think my fave’s where the Maple popcorn chicken and the coconut curry fries. The sweet and the savoury mix of flavours just carried themselves so well together.  If you was on death row then this would definitely be the most amazing food to consume before you met your end.

I literally can’t praise the staff enough either, nothing was too much trouble and there was always someone on hand if you had any questions regarding any of the food or drink.

If you Go on a Thursday then DRD are giving its lovely customers a free dessert on them as a thankyou! I’d have to recommend the diam bar cheesecake it ticked all my dessert boxes. Not going to Lie I did have to take it home to eat as I was so full from all the amazing food.


Death Row Diner is Deffo one of my top 3 faves!


Till Next Time

Hollie x



Empire Shack Sample Night.

Empire Dub Shack Review – October 2016

We were recently fortunate enough to be very kindly invited along by Amanda Moss Of Amanda Moss PR to come and sample the delectable new menu that Empire were serving up,
I was quite surprised to hear of this new late night club branching out into food, but nether less was very hungry and very interested, so we popped along to Seel Street.
Empire has a reputation for being a high class bar, and approaching the venue the exterior was very modern and clean.
Inside,  there was an array of what I would describe as barrel tables and chairs, with a long stretched table in the middle – this seems ideal for an meetings or conferences with the bar only a few steps away – what more could you ask for?
We were fortunate enough to get a table just situated opposite the shack, and this did stand out like a sore thumb – BUT for all the right reasons, cleverly tucked under the staircase, the purposely run down  build shed adds authentic character to the feel of the bar and with the bare essentials compliments the quirkiness of the bar.
Simply decorated with a bright Neon sign, this gave a feel that we were contestants on I’m a celebrity get me out of here!
I could not have been more wrong! The food was served on wooden platters, and was tastefully decorated with garnish and dressing to compliment the mouth-watering, appetite teasing food, even writing this now, I can feel my mouth watering up just simply talking about the food, the food was served to us by very friendly waiting staff, who were happy to explain what was on each burger, the thing that stood out for me is you could taste the freshness of the meat, and the crispness of the salad, none of this pre bagged supermarket stuff,
As the evening went on, we decided to sample the cocktails, I had “Clockwork Orange” this just complimented the food that we were sampling, not to bitter and not to sweet, in the words of Goldilocks, this was just right.

These little appetisers really should have been called apperteasers, as you could smell the food cooking, the whole concept of “the shack” really does provide great value for money and with 50 % for the duration of October – you simply cannot complain, the food is reasonably priced, and provided a great atmosphere for an early supper or late night snack


Empire is located 57 – 59 Seel Street, Liverpool and is open 7 days a week (Monday – Friday 18:00pm – 22:00pm and Saturday/Sunday 12:00pm – 21:00pm)
If you are on twitter give then a follow @empiredubshack

One thing is for sure, this is definitely a place to keep an eye on! Get the food whilst you can!14606471_1936217176605515_2786459149295752214_n

Castle St Townhouse Launch

There is a new Kid on the block! Castle St Townhouse, situated in a grade 2 listed building on castle street this little gem really is the cream of the crop.  This venue is open all day and transforms from a swanky breakfast location to a chic New York style bar of an evening, perfect for early risers and the little night owl’s.

We were fortunate enough to get an invite to the launch night last night, what an evening it was, as we approached the door to come in there was a cream carpet rolled out (we felt like royalty may we add) and was greeted at the door- by a table full of champagne and a lot of happy faces. The venue has so much character and detail it really is stunning! We proceeded to the back of the room where the booths are situated, you could tell everyone was having an excellent evening there was a live dj playing some music to really set the atmosphere. Me and Ian where stood at a pristine white marble table admiring the venue and taking in the ambience of the evening.

There was a large array of staff on hand to clear away empty glasses and hand out samples of their food, we decide to try some of the chicken skewers…. OH MY GOD, they are so mouth-wateringly delicious and with just a drizzle of balsamic vinegar on them makes all the difference. Not long after that another member off staff turned up with a tray full of dessert, it had a pot of crème Brule and some strawberry cheesecakes on a bed of rice cracker. I love crème Brule any way so that was my choice and Ian decided to try the cheesecake, they were scrumptious and just the right size to enjoy, it was like a party had gone off in my mouth.


We have to say though here at a blogs life we really enjoyed the Gin and Midori cocktails, they should definitely come with a caution on them, they are so moreish you just have to have more! Before you Know it you have had 5 or 6.  If you go to castle street townhouse one evening you should definitely try them they come highly recommended by us.

Right down to the nitty gritty: The Opening hours-

Breakfast-  8am-12pm weekdays and 9am-12pm weekends

Brunch- From 11am weekdays and weekends


You can find copies of the menu on their website:

Twitter: @CastleStTH

Till Next time.